Ceremony Coaching

(for first-time officiants)

If you are performing a wedding for the first time, have no fear!  With hundreds of ceremonies behind me, I’ll get you ready to rock yours!

You’ll get a coaching call and two guides, where you’ll get all your questions answered and find out everything you need to know to perform an awesome ceremony.

  • the "INSIDER's GUIDE to Performing Your First Wedding" eBook
  • a 45 minute COACHING CALL to ask questions and get suggestions & tips
  • the "ULTIMATE CHEAT SHEET to Performing Your First Wedding"
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Ceremony Planning

(for couples and/or first-time officiants)

So you’re going to write the wedding ceremony, but you don’t know where to start? Don’t waste hours scouring the internet for answers! Get the info you need from a Pro who’s got your back in one coaching session!

You’ll have a coaching call and get two super helpful docs that will spell out what you need and make the process easier!

  • 45 minute COACHING CALL to learn what’s included in a wedding ceremony
  • a "CEREMONY WORKSHEET" with required and optional elements
  • a "CEREMONY DIAGRAM" to plan where everyone stands & sits


Personal Vow Coaching

(for the couple getting married)

The idea of writing your own wedding vows sounded great, but now that you’re staring at a blinking cursor, you’ve gone blank! I’ve helped dozens of couples relax and write their own vows, and I’d love to help you!

You’ll  get two docs that will give you guidance and sample vows to put you at ease so you can write from your heart!

  • a “GUIDE TO WRITING Your Own Wedding Vows”
  • a curated selection of SAMPLE “MODERN & PERSONAL VOWS”
No risk involved

Let's chat... no strings attached.

You could use some help. There’s more to marrying your friends than meets the eye.  But lucky you!

My superpower is helping friends marry friends! Let’s talk about how I can get you from nervous and not having a clue to confident and ready to rock the ceremony!

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