PLANNING the Ceremony and COACHING Call

Learn the ins and outs of planning a wedding ceremony with one-on-one help from a professional officiant

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vow writing guide

You were excited to write your own vows, but now you're not sure where to begin!

What your vows should include

This guide will fill you in on what kind of statements to include, how long they should be, and what to avoid!

Insider tips

We've heard our share of wedding vows , so we've packed this guide with tips to help you feel confident when putting together yours!

Modern & Personal Vows Examples

Get a head start on writing your vows

What your vows should include

If you feel like you're running out of ideas, this guide helps you fill in the gaps so that your partner doesn't feel short changed.

Insider tips

I've heard my share of wedding vows (I've also written a few myself!), so I've packed this guide with tips to help you feel confident when putting together yours!

The Insiders Guide

Everything you need to know (that you might not know is involved!) to successfully perform your first wedding


Find out exactly what the couple expects of you (Writing the script? Coordinating the rehearsal? Performing the ceremony?)


Understand the role you play in setting the tone for the couple, the wedding party, and the guests


Put on a stellar show even if you have performance anxiety


Learn what you need to do after “I do” to make the marriage official & legal

officiant Cheat Sheet

Your Checklist to be prepared for anything

Building on what you learned from the "Insider's Guide," the ultimate "cheat sheet" lists the essential things you need to do:

Before the Wedding

Find out exactly what you're responsible for, and manage the important details.

At the Rehearsal

Learn how to confidently organize the wedding party, efficiently practice the "moving parts" of the ceremony, and put everyone at ease that you're in charge.

On the Day of the Wedding

Use the cheat sheet to manage the details and easily navigate your way to a ceremony your couple will cherish for the rest of their lives.

One-on-one Coaching Call with a seasoned wedding officiant

Coach Claudia will get to know you by finding out your role in the wedding and what you've done so far (and it's ok if the answer is "nothing!"). Then she'll walk you through the process of planning and performing the wedding ceremony. You'll bring her your questions, and she'll provide not only the answers, but give you Pro Tips to personalize the ceremony and to perform like a pro, even if you've never done this before! After being coached by Claudia, guests will be raving about the ceremony and will ask you "how many weddings you've done" because you'll knock it out of the park!

The Ceremony Diagram

Because organizing a group of anxious friends and family
is half of the battle! 
  • Personalize the Diagram with names and use it as a visual reference to know where everyone should be standing and/or sitting
  • The Diagram will be an essential tool to help you organize the rehearsal and show everybody you know what you're doing!

The Ceremony Planning Guide

You could spend hours scouring the internet to figure out what's included in a wedding ceremony, or you could find out everything you need to know in one place!
  • Learn NOT ONLY the traditional elements of a wedding, but more modern options to suit your style!
  • Includes a "Ceremony Worksheet" with room to organize and record your choices as you plan the ceremony

Ready to plan your first wedding like a certified pro?

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